• Clean Comedy FINALIST at The Melrose Improv -- Tuesday November 14th

    Heck, yeah!  This is the final round of The KLIQ Comedy Contest which I am so happy to be a part of...  The tickets are only $15.00 and can be purchased in advance at All ticket proceeds will be donated to the Inner City Child Development and Youth Foundation.  Thank you, Denise Williamson, who runs it!


    Hey, Guys!!  My short film "Multi-Tasking With Mary" took first place at The Big Pines Comedy Festival this past weekend in Flagstaff, Arizona. This was the second "Multi-Tasking With Mary" I filmed (with Scott Vinci) and realize I must do some more of these (while I do a million other things, but that is literally what the character is all about!) I had a great time at Big Pines because I brought my daughter and her best friend along (don't tell the school), and they both helped me teach my Kid-Tooning Cartooning Worskshops that I do for kids and they saw me do stand up (don't tell the school). We all had such a blast.. I am also thrilled to announce that I am now managned by Kurt Patino Management and couldn't be more excited about it..Kurt is kinda .. um...AMAZING?!!!  In fact, I might just go do two or more things at once to celebrate. Again, please don't tell the school... Taking my daughter out of important learning to random comedy events around the country is kinda my upper edge as a mom.

  • Another Festival!

    I recently performed stand up at Laughfest in Grand Rapids, Michigan and had the best time.. Now I'm off to another festival in Flagstaff, Arizona in September to take part in The Big Pine Comedy Festival.  There I'll be performing stand up at night, and teaaching my Kidtooning Cartooning Workshiops for kids in the daytime.  Check out my website where you will also find my children's books The Girl You Are and Gino Has a Birthday (made with the hilarious Cara Rosellini) for saleGet your copies today! I only have 15,000 more in the trunk of my car!

  • Upcoming Shows at Flappers

    I have several shows coming up at Flappers Comedy Club in January. On Thursday, January 5th, I'll be performing with Laurie Kilmartin at 10pm at The Flappers in Burbank. On January 6 & 7, I will be emceeing for Geoff Keith at The Flappers in Claremont, CA. Those shows are 8 & 10pm. Then I'll be back in Burbank, on January 31st!  

  • NCIS

    I recently starred on NCIS on CBS.  What a great week I had on this show with an incredible director, cast and and crew. Nothing but professionals on this set. Thanks to my agents for getitng me this audition and Susan Bluestein for calling me in.  


    FAMELESS Monday nights on TRUTV has been renewed for yet another 12 episodes.  I am so thrilled to be part of this family!  Fameless is a show where we create a different fake reality TV show in each episode, cast someone as the star (a someone who is dying to be famous for no particular reason), play it out, and then tell them none of it is real and watch their horror unfold. It's really fun but sometime we make people upset. (So unlike me?)  The best part for me is the cast and crew that I have come to know and love so well.  AND... it's now my daughter's favorite TV show. 

  • Fameless Renewed for TruTV

    My show (YES, IT IS ALL MINE, PEOPLE) Fameless was picked up and is shooting another season for TruTV. Fameless is the hidden camera show created by the imaginative Kevin Healey, and also produced and often starring David Spade. I can't wait to be on set again with all the pranksters! (Although, every time I show up, I am always leery that I am the one who is going to be pranked.)